Medicare for All

Healthcare should be considered as a right, and not a privilege. It is the right of every man, woman and child in our country to have access to healthcare when they need it the most. No matter what your income or social status, all Americans should have access to healthcare.

Medicare for all could save millions of American families a lot of pain and misery since one American family every 6 seconds has to file for bankruptcy over medical bills they cannot afford to pay. Ironically these are the people who already have an insurance plan, but their insurers are too greedy to pay for their medical bill.

Among other advanced nations, in a country with $19 trillion GDP a year, we remain the only one without a universal healthcare. We are also the only country that give billions of dollars of tax cuts to the top executives and stockholders who are getting incredibly rich on the back of the taxpayers.

The US is an oligarchy, and no longer a democracy:

While we can afford to give the biggest bailout in US history to banks and billions of dollars tax cut to the top rich, we always have no money when it comes to taking care of our citizens and elderly. While 70% of Americans support medicare for all, a rich nation like America blocks the right of its citizens to universal healthcare.

One of the main advantages of Medicare for all is providing healthcare with a lot lower costs to citizens of this country when the free market health insurers have been ripping the American public for decades.

Millions of Americans are dissatisfied with America’s healthcare system purely run for maximum profit:

Corny capitalism and deregulation have promoted inefficiency, inaccessibility and ever-rising costs in all aspects of the American life, including healthcare. The healthcare sector is hugely run for profit and trillions of dollars are made in the process of inflecting pain, misery, deaths and bankruptcy on the American public.

While the members of Congress, especially republicans are fighting hard to deny you and your family from universal healthcare, they get the best universal healthcare coverage plan themselves fully paid by our tax dollars.

The top 1% owns 43% of wealth and we have to confront the corporate forces that have destroyed our democracy or we are going to suffer even more as a result of crony capitalism.