Outbreaks of hepatitis A

CDC has published an alert about the investigation of hepatitis A, genotype IB infection in those who use non-injection drugs or injection drugs or people who are homeless.

Hepatitis A symptoms are fever, anorexia, fatigue, abdominal pain and jaundice, vomiting, diarrhea,  headache, malaise, anorexia, and nausea. One of the most recent states in America affected by hepatitis A happens to be Tennessee, reporting 14 cases of the disease since December.

Hepatitis A can result in liver inflammation and in the last decade, six other states such as California, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Utah and West Virginia have been affected by hepatitis A outbreaks.

The spread of hepatitis A outbreaks:

Hepatitis A can be transmitted via contaminated food or water and sometimes the virus is transmitted through close contact or poor hygiene. The virus remains hidden between one or two week before the effected parties show any symptoms.

According to CDC, vaccination is the best prevention and receiving hepatitis A vaccine can put the American population at significantly lower risk of developing hepatitis A.