Outbreak of E. coli Infection

According to CDC and FDA, the latest outbreak of E. coli Infection is linked to eating contaminated Romaine Lettuce. Due to spread of the E. coli bacteria, Romaine Lettuce has been pulled out of the grocery stores and both CDC and FDA are advising consumers not eat romaine lettuce, in particular grown in central and Northern California.

CDC reports that an estimated 43 people in 12 states have become sick and one person has even developed kidney failure from eating Romain lettuce contaminated with E. coli bacteria. Those with weaker immune-system, including young children and elderly are at higher risk of developing sever complications and illnesses and can even potentially develop a life-threatening complication known as hemolytic uremic syndrome.

However majority of people with strong immune system can recover in five to seven days as the immune system starts killing off the bacteria. The symptoms of E. coli Infection can range from diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, abdominal pain, and fever to bloody diarrhea, dehydration, or even kidney failure.

Drinking lots of fluid, strengthening your immune system by eating nutting-dense superfoods and resting are the best treatments when it comes to treatment of E. coli Infection. Studies suggest that the use of antibiotics might make the condition even worse since it could increase the risk of developing hemolytic uremic syndrome.

The warnings against Romaine lettuce grown in Central and Northern parts of California remains high as CDC suggests to throw away any Romaine lettuce at home. Keep in mind that it’s very difficult to determine the source of where Romaine lettuce is grown and throwing away any Romaine lettuce at home is the best strategy for prevention.