Healthcare vs Sickcare

Taking a good care of yourself and healthy lifestyle changes are essential when it comes to prevention and cure of many chronic diseases and health problems. The current healthcare system is based on extensive and expensive treatment of chronic diseases and illnesses, rather than prevention of chronic diseases and promotion of good health.

A large number of chronic diseases such as cancers, heart diseases, arthritis, obesity and diabetes are related to lack of physical activity and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Instead of an expensive, bureaucratic, and profiteering healthcare system we should invest in prevention of chronic diseases and promoting good health through healthy lifestyle choices such as exercising and healthy eating.

Food is healthcare, medicine is sickcare:

Our current healthcare system is broken and instead of investing in good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits, we waste trillions of dollars on extensive medical healthcare system that profits giant insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and big medical suppliers.

As Americans, we spend a lot more on healthcare compared to other advanced countries and get a lot less for our money and this expenditure is costing us a lot of money, pain and misery.

We need to stop subsidizing GMO corn that becomes junk foods and Twinkies and instead invest in organic fresh fruits and vegetables. In many poor neighborhoods in America our kids grow up on a bag of Cheetos or chips simply because healthy food is expensive and junk foods is being subsidized with our tax dollars.

We need to make healthy foods affordable and available to our communities, otherwise all of us have to pay for extensive and expensive medical healthcare system that benefits a minority few corporate elites such as top CEOs, shareholders or board of directors.