Healthcare costs

With the amount of money we spend on healthcare, Americans have lower life expectancy than any other advanced nations in the world. As Americans, we pay the highest price on pharmaceutical drugs and hospital services while medical debt is the number one reason behind bankruptcies in America.

According to the latest survey, one in ten Americans delay medical care, simply because they can’t afford it and almost 50% of Americans don’t even have $500 for medical emergency, without having to borrow from credit cards or friends and family.

Every year, the healthcare prices keep going up compared to year before:

Healthcare cost grows a lot faster every year than any other spending categories and nearly one in five Americans can’t afford to buy their prescription drugs. The healthcare cost isn’t necessarily going up because the quality of care or the insurance coverage is increasing. As a matter of fact the opposite is true. The current healthcare system is not being cost effective or providing quality care for the patients anymore.

The healthcare cost is going up as a result of a wasteful, bureaucratic and profiteering healthcare system that gives billions of dollars in profit to pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and medical equipment suppliers.

The income inequality is growing drastically as stockholders and top CEOs of insurance companies and pharmaceuticals are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts while tens of millions of Americans do not have healthcare when they need it the most.

We need to stop serving the top corporate CEOs and executives at everyone’s expense and provide a universal healthcare to our citizens, just like any other advanced countries. It’s time to fight back the corporate greed and stop making profit from our citizens’ pain and suffering. Healthcare is not a commodity to make money from. It should be illegal to make huge profits off of our citizens’ pain, suffering, bankruptcy and death. Healthcare should be recognized as a basic human right.